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Avoid airport delays with this FREE flight checker

They say you should get to the airport two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. So you pack the night before, wake up early, and rush to the airport only to find that your flight has been delayed. Bummer!Next time, you could check the airline’s app for schedule changes. But if you don’t fly the same airline every time you travel then you have a bunch of different airline apps taking up precious space on your phone.Flightview can consolidate all of those airline apps into one, easy to use program. It offers real-time flight tracking for travelers and the family and friends who drop them off or pick them up.You can see the terminal, gate number, and track your flight’s progress by flight number or the departure and arrival city. Then share this information with friends or family via text or email. Or post your flight status to Twitter and Facebook to express your travel woes to the world.You can also see baggage claim information. And if you’re curious, you can even see where the plane landed prior to your trip.Not only does Flightview give you information about your flight, it also gives you information on the airport you’re departing from. You can get directions to the airport and see if the delays are just for your flight or if the airport itself is having trouble.You can also check the weather in your arrival city. The little phone icon means you can click the link to call the airline.(If you’re reading this on the app, click here to see screenshots of the Flightview app.)Turn on notifications to get alerts sent straight to you. Use the “My Trips” feature to keep track of your itinerary. All of these features can sync to your phone or tablet’s maps and calendar apps if you allow access.When planes are late, the traveler has to wait in the crowded terminal or that person’s ride home has to wait in the parking lot. Flightview makes it so that you can wait in the comfort of your own home. Click the blue buttons below to try it for your smartphone or tablet.

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