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Check this site to see how much time your city wastes commuting

Workers in the U.S. spend an average of 52.2 minutes per day driving to and from work. This figure can vary widely from region to region, though. Tap or click here for our favorite ways to maximize gas mileage.

TomTom, an industry leader in location data and studies, has released a tool that can show you exactly how long your city’s residents sit in traffic at the beginning and end of the day. These figures are weighted by travel time per 10 kilometers, and the results are kind of surprising.

It certainly got our attention, and now you can check it out.

How much time does your city waste on the road?

What’s the worst city for commuters? TomTom’s survey of 389 global cities found that London is currently home to the most excruciatingly slow city streets.

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London commuters spend an average of around 36 minutes per 10 kilometers (km) before and after work. During rush hour, these speeds grind to an agonizing 14 kilometers per hour. Talk about frustrating.

Cities like Dublin, Milan and Manila aren’t far behind. This list shows that the average commuting worker spends upwards of 260 hours per year waiting in heavy traffic.

Shockingly, the 80 cities in the U.S. with long daily commutes included barely cracked the top 20. Only New York City made a splash, with commuters eking out 10 kilometers per 25 minutes of driving.

Here are the 10 U.S. cities with the most extended commute times. (NOTE: This is an average travel time per 10 km which equals about 6.21 miles.)

  1. New York 25 minutes.
  2. Washington 21 minutes.
  3. San Francisco 21 minutes.
  4. Boston 19 minutes.
  5. Chicago 18 minutes.
  6. Baltimore 17 minutes.
  7. Seattle 16 minutes.
  8. Philadelphia 15 minutes.
  9. Pittsburgh 15 minutes.
  10. Miami 15 minutes.

You can see the entire list of 80 U.S. cities here.

The best city for a great commute? Almere, in the Netherlands. If you commute here, you can expect to spend around 8 minutes driving per 10 kilometers. San Diego comes in at a close second, with other American cities like Knoxville, Oklahoma City, Dayton, Fresno and Albany close behind.

In these top contenders, workers spend less than 75 hours waiting in traffic annually. Honestly, it’s a highly enticing reason to consider relocating. An annoying commute might be one of the most universally relatable problems. Now, you can see precisely how your commute stacks up.

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