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AR app solves Sudoku puzzles using the camera of your iPhone and iPad

I’m always looking for new, entertaining ways to pass the time. I recently discovered that Sudoku puzzles are super fun and challenging.You might be wondering, how do you play? The point is to fill a 9×9 grid so that each row and column has the numbers 1 through 9 in them. Each 3×3 box inside the grid will also have to contain the numbers 1 through 9.Depending on the level you choose, completing these puzzles can be easy, or really difficult. If you come across an extremely difficult one to solve, don’t worry. Now, there’s a great new AR app that can solve Sudoku problems when you’re having trouble figuring them out.The Magic Sudoku app for iOS gadgets solves Sudoku puzzles using Augmented Reality technology.The app is really easy to use. There are just three simple steps:
  1. Place an unsolved Sudoku puzzle in a well-lit space
  2. Look at it through your iPhone with the Magic Sudoku app
  3. The puzzle will be magically solved right before your eyes
Watch the following video to see a quick demonstration:The Magic Sudoku app utilizes some new capabilities that come with iOS 11. The developer of the app said the next version will bring more features to help Sudoku players. Hopefully, the next version will give players hints to solve the puzzle instead of solving it in its entirety. That seems like it would be more entertaining than having it solved for you.The Magic Sudoku app is only available for Apple gadgets and it does cost $0.99 to download. If you’d like to purchase the app, click on the link we’ve provided below in the blue box.Or, click here to be taken to the app’s download page. Happy puzzling!
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