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5 essential tools for Game of Thrones fans

Are you ready for the Long Night? The end of Game of Thrones is nigh, and fans around the world are celebrating the decade-long series during its final TV run. As viewers have seen, a complex web of lies, violence, and intrigue is coming to a head — and only one ruler will be left to sit on the Iron Throne (or what’s left of it).

If you’re a diehard thrones fan, you may feel satisfied now that your “watch has ended.” For those of us who are casual fans, missed a season, or lost track of the scores of characters the show has introduced, here are some cool apps and tools that can help you navigate the Seven Kingdoms in all their intricate details.


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You don’t have to be wise like the Three-Eyed Raven to enjoy Game of Thrones, but knowing the players, factions, and history will enhance  your enjoyment of this epic fantasy world. If you’re a long-time fan, you might pick up on some crucial lore that you missed. Best of all, you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to maybe earn some real gold in your office betting pool.

Companion app for Game of Thrones

A World of Ice and Fire app, available on iTunes and Google Play is an interactive guidebook to all things Thrones. Out of any Game of Thrones companions, this is the only one officially endorsed by author George R.R. Martin himself — and it shows. There are illustrated entries for nearly every character, location, and faction, as well as detailed explanations or lore and setting.

A World of Ice and Fire is free to download from both iTunes and the Google Play store, and works on iOS and Android devices. It offers in-app purchases in the form of info packs for each book, which is where the app really shines. You can tell it how far along you are in the series, and it will hide potential spoilers.

game of thrones screenshot for the app

A word of caution: This app takes up a ton of space (almost 600MB) on your smartphone, but it’s worth it for true fans. It includes a “spoiler” setting, to block book and TV episode summaries that you haven’t read or seen yet. Even if you haven’t read the books, the app is a helpful companion to keep track of characters, places and events.

An encyclopedic wiki for A Song of Ice and Fire

If you liked the previous entry but would prefer not to read your Thrones on a smartphone, then A Wiki of Ice and Fire is for you. This fan-edited encyclopedia contains breathtaking knowledge about each character — and not just their show counterpart. A Wiki of Ice and Fire was originally created by fans of the books, and predates the Game of Thrones TV series by several years.

a wiki of ice and fire website screenshot

As a result, readers will see detailed entries on both the book and show versions of nearly every character and setting. For Thrones diehards, this Wiki is a must-see.

Be patient: The website is painfully slow and takes a long time to load (not as long as the opening credits to HBO’s show, but it sure feels like it), but the content is worth the wait. You’ll find maps, links to related websites, fan forums and so much more.

HBO Official Game of Thrones Viewer’s Guide

HBO itself is hosting a play-by-play episode guide on the official website for Game of Thrones, and it is not to be missed. For viewers who may have missed an episode or found themselves lost on the plot, this guide is for you.

The Official Viewer’s Guide offers complete breakdowns of every episode and plot point, including exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews with cast and crew. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss offer commentary in their “Inside the Episode” sneak peaks, where you can learn the method behind their madness and potentially grab a hint of the “wars to come.”

Learn High Valyrian with Duolingo

Like many other fantasy stories such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones features several distinct languages that have no real-world equivalents. In the world of Westeros, High Valyrian is the mother tongue of Daenerys Targaryen and her family of rulers. To viewers of the show, you might recognize her signature command “Dracarys!” which means “burn,” as in “my dragon is going to burn you, your homes, and your kingdom.”

High Valyrian isn’t just a set of made-up words, however. It’s a fully constructed language with rules, grammar, and vocabulary! The creator of High Valyrian, Hollywood language expert David Peterson, has helped build the language up to 2,000 words. Now, his language can be learned through popular language-learning tool Duolingo. The app offers daily lessons for fans interested in taking a piece of the Seven Kingdoms back with them to the real world.

Know the odds of who lives, dies and rules

Speaking of the real world, who’s ready to make some dough on Game of Thrones!? If you live and work in the US, you’ll already know how many bars and offices have betting pools for deaths and victories in the final season. Some places like Las Vegas take this kind of gaming very seriously, with huge payouts for gamblers who can predict the outcomes correctly.

If you’re looking to have the upper hand in your own office pool, OddsShark has the over/under on almost every major character that remains in the show. You can find odds on death, survival, and who ultimately rules the Seven Kingdoms at the end of the series.

Winter is here, but Game of Thrones remains a hot property. The final season is the culmination of a decade of bloody warfare, political sabotage, and dragons. If you haven’t gotten in on the hype, there’s no better time than now to start.

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