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A Soft Murmur

Create your perfect background noise with this custom ambient sound maker

We all have our preferences when it comes to sound. Would you rather get something done in a bustling coffee shop or a silent room? What about sleep? Do you prefer gentle white noise or complete quiet?

Gabriel Brady, the creator of A Soft Murmur, likes to work in busy spaces but limit the noise. His solution? Mixing different sounds to match his environment.

The first version was barebones (Gabriel says he knew little about programming or audio editing), but you’d never know it looking at the current version.

A Soft Murmur is beautiful, useful and endlessly customizable.

Here’s how it works. Visit the site, then choose your background noise of choice. Options include the basics like rain, thunder, waves and wind — but also crickets, birds, fire and coffee shop chatter.

You can set the level for each sound to create your perfect mix. Maybe it’s coffee shop and rain (cozy!) or waves, wind and birds for a more calming effect.

Whether you’re sitting down to knock out some work, need to drown out your kids or you have trouble sleeping in silence, A Soft Murmur is worth a try.

You can also set timers (with hard stops or a nice fade if you’re drifting off to sleep), name your mixes, try random mixes and share your creations.

If you really love it, you can upgrade for $9 a year to get access to 13 extra sounds. Stream, rain on a cabin and air conditioning, anyone?

Access A Soft Murmur on the web or try the iPhone or Android apps.

Try this site. It’s great stuff!

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