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cute kitty

A place to go when you need a pick-me-up

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up from all the world’s doom and gloom or maybe just a quick mental break. Everyone needs to take a moment now and then to appreciate the cuddly things in life. If you’re having woes, whether online or offline, there is a solution waiting to run, jump, or swim into your heart.

It’s amazing how many problems looking at cute animals can solve. There are many sites providing pictures of fuzzy cuties, but one of our favorites for burying ourselves in cuteness is

Whatever your preferred critter, you’ll find cute pictures, animated gifs, and sometimes even videos of those animals being cute. Relax and take your mind off the troubles of the world by perusing kitties and puppies. If you prefer more exotic animals, you can find kangaroos, turtles, koalas, and even sloths in the Attack of the Cute collection.

Pick your favorite cutie

The only thing better than checking out that cute kitty (or duckie or puppy) is trying to pick a favorite. Forget about politics and strife and engage in the serious work baby bunnies demand. Does a duckling merit an “It’s so cute” rating? Or does it reach the exalted heights of “It’s so fluffy”? Sometimes, it’s a question worthy of serious pondering.

It’s not all praise for these cute creatures. If you need to, you can let the world know the baby platypus isn’t your thing by wielding the “Meh” tag. There’s always the comment section on each post to discuss your favorites or contemplate the composition of the shot. Sure, the doggy has big floppy ears, but is he truly “so fluffy” or just an ordinary amount of fluffy?

A seriously bad day might require the best of all possible cute animal pictures. Click on the Most Popular link at the top of the page to see a turtle gamely trying to eat a berry, puppies that look like tiny, fuzzy bears, or a baby bunny so adorable your heart will melt. The Most Popular pictures are the best of the best, a top-rate infusion of high-end cuteness.

Share your favorite animals

Looking at cute animals might chase away your work-day blues but sharing your favorites with your friends is a great way to bond. Debate may even break out over who is, indeed, the cutest of them all.

Attack of the Cute has social features built in for sharing cute and funny pictures, animated gifs, and videos of cute animals. It’s easy to like and share on Facebook, while Google+ users need only click a button to tell the world about the sloth that won their heart.

Those of a Pinterest persuasion can add to their collection and build a vision board of cuteness. Envision the cute doggy and the cute doggy will come to you. Bloggers on Tumblr may want to share with their followers, while StumbleUpon fans may want to curate the finest list of kittens the world has ever seen.

Constant cavalcade of cuties

Maybe the best part of Attack of the Cute is that people from around the world are constantly submitting new pictures they find. You won’t be just clicking aimlessly through the same galleries over and over.

From piggies to polar bears to penguins, cute animal fans around the world always seem to be submitting cute and fluffy creatures worthy of your time. Attack of the Cute isn’t just a one-time stop on a bad day. It’s a constant way to chase those blues away. After all, would this little puppy ever make you sad?

We didn’t think so either. Have fun chasing your worries away at Attack of the Cute!

If for some reason cute animals aren’t your thing (who are you and how do you function?), check out this interactive map that tells the history of the continents.

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