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5 sites for men only – Covering the topics you care about most

Can you believe that the internet has been around for decades now? It’s true.

I remember surfing the internet for the first time on my home computer in the early 1990s. I can still hear the sound it made when connecting through the dial-up modem.

We’ve come a long way since then. Internet speeds are super fast compared to the early days. Long gone are the days of waiting minutes for a website to load.

Since crazy slow internet speeds are a thing of the past, we are now able to accomplish more in a much quicker time-frame. Some days I’m finished looking at my favorite websites so quickly I have extra time on my hands. If you’re like me, you are always looking for some helpful website suggestions.

That’s why you need to know about these 5 sites for men only, covering the topics that you care about most.

1. Guns


With a slogan like, “Firearms, not politics,” gun-enthusiasts are bound to love The Firearm Blog. Politics set aside, this blog shares informative content about firearms, including product reviews, demonstrative videos, news, safety tips and more.

The Firearm Blog has been featured by Fox News, The New York Times, Engadget, CrunchGear, Gizmodo, The Tech Report and other media outlets, and has attracted a large social media following on Twitter and Facebook.

Why you’ll love it: Hands down, the best thing about The Firearm Blog is the high-quality videos they produce to demonstrate how various guns perform. The close-up shots provide a true glimpse as to what it would be like to fire these guns yourself. When you watch them pull the trigger, you can almost feel the kickback.

2. Gear

Cool Material

Cool Material is a great source for insightful articles about the gear guys want. Whether you’re into camping, tech or drinking a few beers with your friends, this site is your one-stop-shop for anything you need.

The blog posts reviews, articles and workshops that are both entertaining and informative. Plus, there is a shop where you can buy unique products, a gift buying guide called Men’s Gifts, and a whole page dedicated to discounts.

Why you’ll love it: This site has something for everyone and publishes in-depth articles about gear, as well as other interesting topics, like “The History of the Smoking Jacket,” and, “Beer Names We Love”. It also appeals to many age groups, offering content aimed at both the younger crowd and men with more life experience.

3. Cars

Classic Cars

There are cars, and then there are cars. That’s what sets Classic Car Envy apart from all the rest. There are thousands of sites out there that post reviews of the latest models to hit the lots. But this site is dedicated to the restoration of cars that are now classics, including muscle cars, trucks and hot rods.

Classic Car Envy also shares videos that document the whole process, so you can watch these cars as they’re transformed from scrap metal to eye-catching vehicles.

Why you’ll love it: This site caters to true car enthusiasts who love classic models, and although it does offer informative articles and videos, the content isn’t filled with jargon that only mechanics can understand.

You’ll also love the videos because you won’t believe the transformation that takes place as these cars are built from scratch.

4. Fishing

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.16.08 PM

No, not phishing. This time, we’re talking about actual fishing – as in, where you bait the hook, toss out the line, reel it back in and hope you catch something. And when it comes to actual fishing, the best site you can visit is called the Ultimate Fishing Site.

The site has been around for over a decade and is currently the largest fishing blog on the internet, which means these guys know what they’re talking about. And, don’t worry. It’s not just videos and posts that chronicle random people on their fishing excursions. It’s a site full of tips and information about fishing techniques, equipment, news from the fishing world and more.

Why you’ll love it: Ultimate Fishing Site recognizes that fishing is different for everyone, especially when it comes to their geographical location. So, fishermen everywhere will love the section that breaks it down state by state.

For example, since I live in Arizona, I was able to see that the best places to fish in my home state are Lake Powell, and in Rim Country or White Mountains.

The site also shared information about the types of fish in my state, such as Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish and Panfish. And, to top it all off, there were even links to the Arizona Game and Fish Department where I could find information about regulations and licenses.

5. Sports

True sports fans know how difficult it is to keep up with everything that’s going on in the sports world. From drafts to trades, to who got injured, to who won the latest game and what the score was – there’s just so much to keep track of. But SB Nation makes it easy.

SB Nation covers everything sports-related. That includes, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf and tennis. There’s even an entire section dedicated to NASCAR.

Why you’ll love it: No matter which team you’re routing for, SB Nation will keep you posted about the latest news. In fact, there are 314 blogs that make up SB Nation, including blogs that are entirely dedicated to your favorite teams.

Cheering for the Detroit Tigers? There’s a blog for you. Or, how about the Kansas City Royals? Yep, there’s one for you, too. So, you’ll never miss another detail again.

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