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Is YOUR password one of 4 billion exposed by data breaches?

What do Toyota and Facebook have in common? What about Capital One? They’ve all had data breaches in 2019. Tap or click here to read all about them.

It’s a club that’s getting new members all the time, and it doesn’t look like a trend that’s going away any time soon. Hackers have snagged over 4 billion usernames, email addresses, passwords and even credit card numbers in 2019 alone.

That means your information could be floating around in hackers’ hands somewhere, but don’t panic. There’s one site that can tell you if you’re in trouble.

Where to turn

HaveIBeenPwned is an easy-to-use service with a robust database of information that hackers and malicious programs have publicly released. It monitors hacker sites and collects new data every five-to-10 minutes concerning the latest hacks and exposures.

Put in a valid email address that you use on popular sites and HaveIBeenPwned will take care of the rest. You can also enter in domain names, like eBay, to be notified in case of a site-wide disaster.

After you sign up, HaveIBeenPwned will alert you if your email address shows up in any lists of hacked information. It also displays the latest hack or account compromise on the front page, so you can take immediate action to protect your accounts.

If your email address is out there, you can take steps to make your account passwords stronger. Of course, you should be making them strong anyway.

Tap or click here to check out the HaveIBeenPwned site and protect your sensitive data today.

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