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10 amazing places you can visit with Google Maps’ Street View

Everyone wants to travel the world, but not everyone can afford it. Airfare isn’t cheap, gas prices are high and staying in a hotel for one week could cost you more than one month’s rent. There’s also the matter of how many vacation days you have available at work.Luckily, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own living room to travel to faraway and exotic locations, thanks to Google Maps’ Street View. Since 2007, Google’s Street View team has trekked millions of miles in all seven continents and in more than 65 countries with high-powered cameras to capture amazing views that some of us will never have the chance to see in person. The results are incredible.With this list of amazing places you can virtually visit with Google Street View, you can do as the Beatles’ song “The Inner Light” suggests: “Arrive without traveling. See all without looking. Do all without doing.”Abbey Road Studios, London  Speaking of the Beatles, you don’t have to head to London to see the band’s history close up. Take a virtual tour of Abbey Road Studios and learn about all the famous musicians who have been a part of the history. Click here to head to London to visit Abbey Road Studios.California State Parks – Do you like to hike? Even if you don’t, you can now trek through such amazing vistas as the redwoods of Big Sur and the beaches of San Francisco Bay. So far, there have been 14 state parks mapped and more are coming soon. Click here to visit one of the many California State Parks.Grand Canyon and the Colorado River – It’s one of the wonders of the world, and wonderful it is. Now, you can hike several beautiful trails, you can even take a rafting trip down the Colorado River. Click here to head to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt – The great pyramids in Egypt are the ideal place to put on your bucket list. Luckily, you can tour the Great Pyramid at Giza (as well as the other two), the Sphinx, the step-pyramid complex at Saqqara, the ancient city of Abu Mena, and more. Click here to head to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids.Gombe National Park, Tanzania – You might know this park by another name. It’s the chimpanzee reserve founded by Jane Goodall back in the 1960s. With this Street View tour, you can visit Jane’s house, swim in Lake Tanganyika, and of course, check out all the chimps. Click here to head to Tanzania to hang with Jane Goodall.Loch Ness, Scotland  Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster? People from around the world travel to the famous lake in Scotland every year to try to catch a glimpse of the legendary creature dubbed Nessie. Now, you can join the hunt without even leaving your living room. Click here to head to Scotland and take a tour of Loch Ness.The Mountains – You don’t need to scale to the top of the world’s highest mountains to see the most gorgeous views. In fact, if you’re afraid of heights, this might be the better option. Climb the likes of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Western Europe. Click here to scale Mont Blanc.Taj Mahal, India – You can go anywhere in the centuries-old Indian castle from the comfort of your home. Plus there are three other breathtaking monuments of the ancient world you can explore. Click here to visit India!Underwater Adventures – We’ve saved the best for last. Swim with humpback whales in the Cook Islands, explore a shipwreck site in Bermuda, play with seals in the Galapagos Islands, or check out the absolutely amazing Underwater Museum of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Click here to have some fun under the sea.The Scariest Places on Earth – What’s a good vacation without a little scare here or there? Take a virtual tour of The Stanley Hotel, the setting of the scary movie classic “The Shining,” visit the abandoned ghost town of Bodie in northern California, or check in with Dracula at the Bran Castle in Romania. Or better yet, take a tour of the 13th Gate Haunted House in Louisiana, complete with zombies and real-life ghouls that follow you throughout your tour. Click here for a tour of some of the world’s scariest places.Of course, this list showcases a small fraction of all the places you can visit with Google Street View. Visit for the entire list of all the places you can go, from one end of the world to the other. App background

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