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Kids are killing each other this summer

If you’re wondering where your teens are really doing this summer, rest easy. They’re off on a remote island.

Killing each other.

Twenty-seven years ago, a young video game developer named Tim Sweeney created Epic Games in his parents’ basement. For years, the company produced small hits. Last year, Sweeney released an online game called Fortnite. Players parachute to a deserted island, and then proceed to kill one another.

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Fortnite is now in its fifth version. But this year, Sweeney did the unexpected.

He made the game free. And that made him a billionaire. Players play for free, but they must use real money in the outside world to buy currency used inside the game to buy weapons and, of course, spend their entire summer trying to kill the other guy. Fortnight is on track to make $2 billion this year.

And that’s what your kids are doing.

Hear what Kim Komando has to say about this:

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