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Retailers might leak your personal information

Data breaches seem to come in waves, almost never-ending, and even if you tighten your own security, some retailer out there may leak your information.

If you know which retailers have been hit by big data breaches, you’ll have a great clue whether or not your data may has been stolen. But there are so many, it’s almost impossible to keep track. So today, let’s make it easier.

In the past eighteen months, if you shopped at Sears, Kmart, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue or Lord and Taylor, there’s a good chance your name, credit card numbers and other personal data was stolen.

For fliers, your data was hacked at Delta Airlines. Arby’s, Sonic Hamburgers, Panera Bread and Whole Foods were also hacked.

What to do for your safety

Check you credit card and back statements very carefully over the next twelve months and consider identity theft protection. There’s a more comprehensive listing of merchants available at if you tap or click here.

Listen to what Kim has to say about this ongoing data breach:

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