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Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 12

Today, we have a secret for iPhone owners. And it’s NOT for everyone.

You know that Apple upgrades its operating system from time to time. Apple also rolls out early versions of the new systems to figure out if there are any flaws. They don’t always catch them, though, if you’ll remember the problems with the last version, iOS 11.

Next up is iOS 12. That’s the newest operating system, and it’ll be rolled out this fall on all compatible iPhones.

If you’d like to see how your iPhone will work with it, you can get a preview right now with what is known as a “Beta Test Version.”

iOS will speed up old phones

That means it may have a bug or two, and it may not work with an app here and there, but here’s what it WILL do:

First, iOS 12 makes older phones, like the iPhone 6 Plus, run much faster. Apps open 40 percent faster and the camera opens 70 percent faster.

And here’s something really important: A new group of tools called “Screen Time,” can set time limits for social media, show you how you’re spending your time when you’re on your phone, and schedule some downtime – away from your phone: Like dinner with your family!

Again, this is Apple’s Beta Test version, so you have to register with Apple to get it. Just go here for more information on the beta test and download instructions. And let me know what you think! App background

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