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Your attic may be filled with treasure

With the Labor Day Weekend just ahead, why not go treasure hunting — in your attic?

Bonhams is a fine art auction house. They’ve been around since 1793, selling fine artworks and other pieces. But they’re branching out into valuable collectibles.

Why? The world of collectibles has now gone on par with art. Here’s where you get in on the action. Many fine collectibles are mistaken for junk hiding in attics everywhere.

What you should look for

Old portable radios are at the very top of the list. A Zenith Companion is the first truly portable radio. It’s a tube-type radio and it could be worth $12,000. Apple II computers are worth about $6,000. A rare Apple I is being auctioned in a few weeks and it’s expected to bring $300,000.

Early televisions from the 1930s are worth up to $5,000. And should you run across something that looks like an old German electric typewriter, check it carefully. If it’s a German Enigma machine, it was used to encode and decode World War II messages. Americans brought a few home. Find one and you’re sitting on $500,000.

Take advantage of this long weekend and root around in your attic — or basement or storage locker. There could be money in there waiting for you!

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