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Kids aren’t going outside

If you’re over 30, you probably remember long summer days, playing outside. But the “Snapchat Generation” will never be able to share those kinds of summer memories.

After all, you and I used to come inside only for water or when the dark made playing impossible. And even then, that was good cover for “Hide and Seek!”

Today’s children and teens spend only one hour outside each day. And that’s not all: Forty percent have never gone camping. Half of them have never climbed a tree or built a den or a fort.

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Instead of running around the neighborhood, bicycling and swimming their way through summer vacation, they’re tucked away indoors, out of the sunlight and fresh air, and spending almost all day watching YouTube, Instagramming, Snap-Chatting, listening to music, and playing Fortnight. The idea of doing anything outdoors is so foreign to them that 19 percent say they would rather do homework or household chores!

The question: Is this good or bad? And that will take an entire generation to find out.

Hear what Kim Komando has to say about this Snapchat Generation:

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