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We are giving away our private information everyday

America’s relationship with big tech defies logic.

We blame big tech for the disappearance of our personal privacy. Yet, every day, we think nothing of giving them even more personal information.

Here’s how we tell big tech about ourselves: All it takes is one simple Facebook “like,” to tell the algorithms all about you. Once you “like” something, databases worldwide target endless ads your way, based on that single “like.”

What those ‘likes’ will do to you

“Liking” Lady Gaga will tag you as confident and outspoken. This group buys products with advertisements showing groups of people having fun together. But “liking” the Sci-Fi Channel tags you as shy and introverted. These people spend money based on ads showing people alone.

These are just two examples out of the millions used by social media. Think before you post. Because the labels assigned to you stay with you for life.

This is why I’ve deactivated my own Facebook account. If you are feeling uneasy about Facebook right now but aren’t sure you want to rid it from your life forever, deactivating is your best bet.

Tap or click here to find out how to disconnect from Facebook.

Also, listen to this Consumer Tech Update on deleting your Facebook account: App background

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