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Q&A with Kim: Meshing your Wi-Fi network, Taking control of Autocorrect and more

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital. Sometimes choosing the most interesting questions to highlight is the most difficult part of my job.

This week, I received questions about mesh Wi-Fi networks, taking control of Autocorrect and more. Do you have a question you’d like to ask me? Click here to email me directly.

Meshing Your Networks

Q: What is a mesh network? I heard you say on your show that you installed one in your home and now you have no more dead zones!

A: Mesh networks are very new, and they use the most cutting-edge technology to improve the Wi-Fi in your home or business. They work because they use two or three separate units. If you’ve even considered a network extender setup, you’ll see how much easier a mesh network is to expand the reach of your Wi-Fi. Your devices are less likely to stop connecting, and the signal will almost assuredly be stronger. There is one drawback, though, as there will be with all gadgets newly introduced to the market. Click here to find out more about mesh networks.

Is Facebook Listening In?

Q: I was talking to my brother about buying a new gas can. When I went on Facebook, I started seeing ads for gas cans. What’s going on?

A: There is a theory floating around the internet that Facebook is actually listening to you. Not in a metaphorical way: People believe that Facebook uses your microphone to hear your spoken conversations and then uses this data to develop ads. You can cut off Facebook’s access to your microphone, so if the social media site is listening to you, your private chats will fall on deaf ears. Click here to learn how to switch off Facebook’s microphone.

Checking in on Hackers

Q: With all the news about email phishing scams, is there a way to check if my information has been stolen?

A: We often talk about cyber-security and how many threats are looming out there on the web, but isn’t it possible that we’ve already been compromised? How could we possibly know? Hackers might wait for weeks or even years to use that information against us. It’s unlikely that the hackers are going to get in touch, telling you how much personal data they’ve stolen. Luckily, there’s a website that will give you a pretty good idea which of your accounts has likely been hacked. You may be surprised. Click here to check whether your email has been hacked.

Take Control of Autocorrect

Q: Autocorrect drives me crazy! Help me!

A: You are not alone. Autocorrect can be helpful for fast-typing texters, but it can cause serious miscommunications, especially if you’re using unexpected words. This is fine, and even funny, when you’re gabbing with your friends, but what happens when you send an embarrassing message to your boss? If the liability of autocorrect has you freaked out, don’t worry. Like nearly all settings on your smartphone, this little feature can be customized, or even switched off. That should give you some peace of mint… peace of mine… peace of mind. Click here to learn how to change your autocorrect settings.

Police Scanner App

Q: I used to have a police scanner radio. Is there an app for this for my phone?

A: Boy, are you in for a treat. A scanner can be thrilling, it can be informative, and sometimes it can even help people in danger. But they’re also expensive, as you likely already know. This is one type of technology that hasn’t gone down much in price over the past few decades, and they still do pretty much the same thing. So why should you be so excited? There is, in fact, an app for your phone, which doesn’t just give you access to your local police force, but to stations all across the country. Click here to tune into live police reports.

What questions do you have? Call my national radio show and click here to find it on your local radio station. You can listen to the Kim Komando Show on your phone, tablet or computer. From buying advice to digital life issues, click here for my free podcasts.

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