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Note to lawmakers – Follow the path of Georgia and Washington state

Let’s face it. Driving or riding in a vehicle is always a risk. The National Safety Council said that nearly 40,100 people died in 2017 from motor vehicle crashes in the U.S.

Most horrific car accidents occur in a split second, without much time to react. That’s what happened this March when a self-driving Uber vehicle, with a driver behind the wheel, killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

How did this horrible accident occur? The car’s safety driver was streaming NBC’s “The Voice” while driving. There is a way to avoid this horrible accident again, but it takes guts from our legislators.

Here’s the footage of the accident, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Lawmakers need to act now

Lawmakers, if you want to make our highways safer right now, then follow the lead from the states of Georgia and Washington.

But in Georgia, a new law just went into effect. In addition to texting, the law makes a point of banning drivers from streaming video while driving. They can’t hold a wireless device or support one in any way with their bodies. The state of Washington passed a similar law six months ago. It’s a tough one. Drivers can’t even “sneak a peek” at stoplights or when backed up in traffic.

In all, 47 states have banned texting while driving – but, we need more. My home state of Arizona, I’m ashamed to say, only bans texting by “novice drivers,” whatever that means.

Lawmakers, it’s time to get serious: Follow the path of Georgia and Washington.

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