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Saying goodbye to the year that wasn’t – A New Year’s message from Kim

I’ll not start by talking about how 2020 was not the roaring 20s we all hoped. We know it. We lived it. The past year was a dumpster fire on so many levels.

On the upside, I got to spend real quality time with my family. I went on walks with Ian, who has been Zooming his college classes. I had time to just sit and talk with my Mom. I also realized parts of my life that needed a change. I made time for myself every day. I cooked new recipes, and wow, I can make sourdough bread like a master! Last night, I beat Barry at chess. I just picked up the game a few months ago! And my faith in God grew stronger.

I’ve been talking about living the best digital life for more than 20 years. The pandemic made more people than ever embrace it. There have been lasting changes in so many aspects of the digital landscape — changes that will continue long after the pandemic finally ends. You may never go back to working in an office building again.

Looking back, 2020 somehow seems like the year that wasn’t, but it will mold everything that’s to come. Yet I still think there’s plenty to look forward to in 2021.

Here’s to a brighter 2021

What does the future hold for the new year? The writing seems to be on the wall for movie theaters as a true streaming war officially gets underway. The pandemic won’t last forever, but theaters’ only hope in the future is that nostalgia and love for cinema can bring moviegoers back in droves. Maybe they will.

Going to the movies is one thing, but when I think about the world eventually returning to “normal,” I’m not exactly sure what that means anymore. I try to think about what I miss most from the old days, you know, before March of 2020.

I suppose I miss going somewhere on a whim, whether it’s something as simple as a trip to the store, dinner at a crowded restaurant or a planned get-together. Truly, I miss being able to just drop by someone’s house. I know that’s something that’s impacted millions of families, especially during the holidays.

If there is a silver lining to the events of 2020, it’s that it happened when technology can provide so many solutions to keep people connected no matter how far away. While not ideal, I’ll take a video call with a loved one I haven’t seen in a long time over a text or basic phone call.

Along those lines, I miss being at the office more often and seeing my team’s faces in person. I don’t say any of this with regret because it’s a situation beyond any of our control. Believe me — if there were a factory reset button for 2020, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Even with all the bad that’s happened over the past year, I’m optimistic for 2021. We will get through the pandemic and come out stronger.

By the way, I couldn’t have even written this message if it weren’t for your support. I genuinely appreciate all of you who listen to my national radio show, podcasts, read my company’s daily newsletters and visit my website for information and advice. My team and I thank you.

So long, 2020. Here’s to a new year that will be better than the last, and many more to follow.

Every morning, I say my prayers and you are included in each one.

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