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laptop spill
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Laptops and a vacation emergency

It’s time for vacation, lounging around the pool and enjoying the weather. But it’s always time to be careful around your electronic devices.

Technology is getting better and more nimble. Devices stand up to more abuse. But there’s one thing that an electronic device is no match for: Moisture!

Here’s a frantic email I received just last night from a Kim Komando listener who’s on vacation.

It reads: “Help! I just spilled a soft drink on my laptop. What do I do?”

What to do with a spill

The very first thing to do when you spill anything on your laptop keyboard is – TURN IT OFF! Right now.

Unplug the charger. If you can, remove the battery. Then, hold the power button down for a full 10 seconds to be sure it’s completely powered off. There’s no time to waste on this step.

Once powered down, dry if off, turn it upside down, shake any moisture out. Leave it turned upside down for at least 12 hours to allow any moisture to evaporate.

Spilling a drink on your laptop is never a good thing. That said, of all the drinks you can spill, water has the least chance of real permanent damage. For sugary drinks, take it to a qualified shop before powering it back on.

Remember to treat your devices well, and they’ll treat you well. Don’t keep drinks around them. And act quickly if you do spill. You’ll have a happier summer that way.

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