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Kim’s Take: Your fingerprint unlocks targeted advertising in your car

Imagine. You’re driving home wondering what’s in the fridge for dinner. An ad pops up on your dashboard’s screen offering instant delivery of your favorite meal.

How did the ad become so personalized?

Without much fanfare, car manufacturer Hyundai has followed Tesla’s lead and unveiled a new SUV that can be unlocked and started by placing your fingerprint onto the car’s door handle and the ignition. The car recognizes your fingerprint and adjusts the seat and mirrors.

That’s nice, but the real story is that manufacturers will know exactly who is driving the car. The holy grail of data collection has arrived.

Your fingerprint is the key to unlocking a new level of targeted advertising in your car and everywhere else you go and everything you do.

This is much more than location tracking. At this point, carmakers should be paying us to drive their cars as they make money off big data.

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