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Kim's column

Kim’s Take: When being neighborly is spying

There’s bad spying, and then there’s good spying. A good neighbor spies on the block to keep watch for himself and everybody else.

But the neighborhood block watch has gone to social networking as reports and videos of deliveries, crimes, solicitors and would-be thieves are being freely shared.

If you want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, post things for sale, get info about thefts or lost pets, maybe complain about parked cars or the noise, you have a few ways to do this.

Many communities have Facebook groups. There’s also, where posts can get really heated.

Today, it’s pretty common to see front-door security cam footage on the news. And Ring doorbell has an app called Neighbors that lets people share, view and comment on video clips shot by Ring video doorbells and security cameras. Over 1 million people use the Neighbors app.

This time of year, this is handy with porch pirates out in full force.

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