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Kim’s Take: What’s the most important thing you’d miss if you lost your phone?

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Answer this question: If you were to loose your phone right now, what’s the most important thing you’d miss?

You might have dozens of apps, or all your phone contacts. It would be a headache to lose any notes you have in various apps, too.

But odds are, your photos are most important things on your phone. That’s why it’s important to back them up.

Save ’em to the cloud

If you use an iPhone, it’s a no-brainer to use iCloud. You get five gigs free, but unless you have a very small photo collection, you’ll need to pay a few dollars a month for extra storage.

There are free options starting with your Amazon Prime membership. Many people don’t know that along with free two day shipping, your Prime membership includes unlimited free photo storage.

Finally, Google Photos offers free photo storage. You may hear complaints that Google compresses photos. This only matters if your camera is 20 megapixels or more, and yours probably isn’t.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Save those precious photos to the cloud service that works best for you today.

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