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Kim’s Take: What new tech will we see from the Consumer Electronics Show?

The world’s largest tech trade show starts tomorrow in Las Vegas.

There will be a lot of smart gadgets and devices unveiled including a way to summon Alexa while you’re on the toilet.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Amazon and Google will be duking it out to prove that their assistants and platform is best to take over homes and cars and run voice-powered lives.

Next, look for new phones ready to work on 5G as this new, faster cellular network rolls out.

TVs are always big, and makers will be showcasing their new 8K sets without mentioning there’s no 8K content yet to watch. And new drones go underwater that use artificial intelligence to follow you and take videos automatically.

Finally, Kohler’s new smart toilet has Alexa built in so you can ask questions, order on Amazon or play music such as “Let it Go” from “Frozen.”

Hear about CES on Consumer Tech Update below.

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