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Kim’s Take: Uninformed tech writers try to revise the ‘Y2K’ scare

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Do you remember the greatly hyped, end-of-the-world non-event called Y2K? Of course, when the sun came up on January 1st, 2000, nothing happened.

But now, a few tech writers are trying revise the silly Y2K hysteria.

The Y2K of GPS is arriving on April 6 – here’s what you need to know

The Global Positioning System is used not only for navigation, but precise time keeping on computer networks, and tracking more things than you can imagine. But on April 6th, a few, very old GPS receivers, ones that have never received software updates, could stop working.

Already a few ill-informed tech writers have pushed the panic button. Some say they will not fly, fearing aircraft will literally fall out of the sky.

The truth is, aircraft GPS systems are updated all the time and, airliners use a number of systems to generate what’s called “navigation solutions.”

Meaning, April 6th will be non-event.

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