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Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie
Kim's column

Kim’s Take: Turn off this TV feature to get the best movie viewing experience

Does your television have the so-called soap opera effect?

The feature is automatically turned on in most new TVs, but you really should turn it off to get the best picture.

A default setting in new HD TVs and 4K TVs can turn everything into a soap opera mess. Technically speaking, it adds frames so that everything moves smoothly across the screen, the way soap operas appear. Works great for sports but it makes movies look horrible.

Tom Cruise, yes the actor, took to the internet to say turn it off, especially on his movies.

The option will be in your settings menu, and what it’s called depends on the make of your TV. Look for something like TruMotion, Motion Smoothing Effect or Auto Motion Plus. If you watch a lot of movies turn it off.

But I’d leave it on though if you are watching Tom Cruise in “Rock of Ages.” It just might make the movie bearable.

Listen to the Consumer Tech Update podcast on “The Soap Opera Effect.” Tap or click below.

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