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Kim’s Take: Top health news stories on Facebook are fake

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Facebook just turned 15 years old, and sensationalized fake news, such as “bacon is as harmful as cigarettes,” is still rampant on the site.

In fact, Facebook is such a magnet for fake news, those who are wise enough to stop and think about it (like you, my faithful readers) aren’t using Facebook for news like they used to.

A bipartisan group of scientists studied so-called health news on Facebook. They found that the number one news story was about research proving marijuana is safer than tobacco. It was shared over a million times.

Well, there was no research. It was someone’s opinion.

Another top story claimed that ADHD is caused by the pharmaceutical companies so they can sell drugs.

Watch what you share

OK, the more outlandish the health claims, the more those stories are shared on Facebook. Remember, don’t share until you verify.

Another actual news story making the rounds: “Mark Zuckerberg is disgusted with all Social Media. Will leave Facebook later this year.”

Unfortunately, that’s fake, too.

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