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Kim’s Take: Tips to lock down your phone and keep your information safe

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We all know that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ private photos on his phone were somehow leaked. Bezos’ security team say his phone was hacked. But how?

You’d think that one of the world’s wealthest men in charge of one of the world’s largest sites would have a hack-proof phone.

While you may not be a high profile billionaire, take steps to lock down your phone.

For starters, use different passwords for your online accounts and install phone updates when they come out. This is important.

Just don’t click links in email and texts. That’s how keyloggers and malware gets installed or someone with access to your phone could install it, too.

Keep an eye on your phone, even when you’re sleeping. One in five admit to snooping on a loved one’s smartphone while they are ASLEEP by using their fingerprint to unlock their device.

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