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Kim's column

Kim’s Take: This operating system is targeted by cybercriminals the most

Cybercriminals and scammers have changed strategies in a big way. Now they’re targeting users of one particular operating system more than any other, including Windows.

Malware used to be distributed primarily on Windows computers and would steal your passwords, spread ransomware, and spam you with ads or worse. Not anymore.

Today, the most likely targets are Android devices over any other operating system. That’s according to Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Report.

Some 47% percent of infections are on devices running the Android operating system as compared to Windows at 36%. And yes, Apple is smug as ever as iOS devices account for less than 1% of infections.

Remember one thing. Cybercriminals don’t care what device you use, they’re after one thing – your money.

Listen to more about the Nokia Threat Intelligence Report in this Consumer Tech Update podcast. Tap or click below. App background

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