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Kim’s Take: Thieves force you to change your smartphone settings before they steal it

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You keep your smartphone close at hand – even in your hand – to keep it safe. Also so you can respond quickly to the latest posts or texts. But even that won’t keep them safe.

Thieves are no longer simply stealing expensive smartphones right out of victims’ hands.  Now, they’re also putting victims in a chokehold demanding they change certain privacy settings.

Imagine you’re talking on your phone or texting in public and a thief grabs the phone right out of your hands.

But instead of a crook just taking the phone and running away, he grabs your iPhone with one hand and your neck with the other or points a gun at your head. He tells you to delete your iCloud account and turn off “Find My iPhone” or else.

Crooks know they can’t delete an iCloud account without the victim’s password and that a phone is easily tracked.

By the way, if you haven’t yet, make sure you set up “Find My iPhone” now. Or, if you have an Android phone, use the similar “Find My Device.”

So put your phone away. Make it out-of-sight, out-of-mind for any would-be crooks looking to make a buck and who don’t care if you get hurt in the process.

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