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Kim’s Take: The last Blockbuster Video store on Earth

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In the new movie “Captain Marvel,” audiences will see an old familiar site: a Blockbuster video store.

Remember when you once had to go to a store and rent a movie on a disc or tape to watch it at home?

In its heyday, Blockbuster video had over 9,000 locations packed with walls of movies and cashiers thrilled to sell you a membership card. While you may be too young to understand “be kind and rewind,” it was once a well-known along with dreaded late fees.

In Bend, Oregon, the last remaining Blockbuster store stands. It’s actually a tourist attraction more than a video rental store selling souvenirs, trinkets and its own signature craft beer.

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Now, the Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Family Door, Kmart and many others are closing locations due in large part to technology. As I like to say, if you don’t innovate, you evaporate.

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