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Kim’s Take: Tech companies spend big money to keep their executives safe

Big tech companies spend big money to keep their executives safe. Wired looked into the cost and uncovered interesting figures.

Apple spent about $300,000 on Tim Cook’s personal security last year. Amazon and Oracle each spent about $1.6 million for Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison. Alphabet spent less than a million to protect its top brass.

But Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg security detail costs $7.3 million a year, or about $20,000 a day. But that cost is going to be almost $1 million dollars a month this year.

Why so much? Cambridge Analytical, fake news, fake ads, accounts hacked, cover-ups and more.

Hey Mark, here’s an idea, treat people and their data right and you’ll save about $9.7 million dollars a year.

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