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Kim’s Take: Should you buy a foldable smartphone?

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It takes a lot to impress tech customers. So far this year, the foldable smartphone is generating a ton of excitement. And why not? A radical new phone design hasn’t appeared in years.

Should you buy one?

The largest smartphone manufacturers – Samsung, Apple and the Chinese company Huawei – they’re all in a race to bring you the foldable phone. Samsung will probably have one for sale by the end of the year. Apple says its foldable iPhone is more than a year away.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold looks amazing … check it out

Now this is all very new, very exotic and very expensive technology, two to three times the cost of a standard smartphone. Most importantly, it’s widely untested. Initially, problems will be widespread. Repairs will be expensive.

And for these reasons, I’ll be waiting for the foldable version 1.2. App background

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