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Kim’s Take: Should kids use good manners with Amazon Alexa?

Today, a question for all parents.

Should kids be taught to say “Please” and “Thank you” when dealing with Amazon’s Alexa?

Amazon says its Alexa-powered Echo home assistant was among the company’s best-sellers this past Christmas.

I’ve heard from parents asking me if their kids should be polite when asking questions and interacting with the internet-connected gadget.

Now, both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant will be polite. If you’re nice to it, you get nice back.

Use the word “Please” and they’ll thank you. Say “Thank you” and you’ll hear “You’re welcome.” And I’m all for polite children. If this helps teach the kids manners, go ahead, thank your smart speaker.

But consider this. Many parents with a smart speaker are upset that their kids first words aren’t mama or dada. It’s now Alexa.

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