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Kim’s Take: Popular smartphone apps are selling your location data

Ever notice that no matter where you are, you get an ad on your phone for something you recently looked for, or for a business nearby?

You know your phone tracks your location. But I bet you don’t realize how precise it is.

“The New York Times” researched how apps track our location using the phone’s GPS, Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation. The shocking report reveals not only when you went to work and headed home but also everywhere you stopped, how long you stopped, in some instances, down to the room you visit within a building.

Apps always make you agree to terms when you install them. Most free apps say they need your location to deliver better content. The truth is these apps sell your data to advertising and location companies.

Take a look at your phone’s location services and you’ll be shocked at the level of detail. At, I’ll tell you how to look and how to turn it off.

Remember, when the product is free, you are the product.

Find out more about location data in the latest Consumer Tech Update. Tap or click below.

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