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Kim’s Take: Parents are now using social media to help name their babies

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When people name their child, they usually consider nicknames, initials, and family or popular names. Not anymore.

Now you also have to consider what impact that name will have on his or her social media.

New parents have it tough. Many will only give their child a certain name if that name is available as a website address or social media profile. So Peace, Harmony and Hope along with Rainbow and Dawn are on the increase for girls.

For boys, Ocean, Saffron and because of the game Fortnite, Rogue.

Parents are definitely looking beyond John and Jane. More unique names for girls are Fanta and Lemon. And for boys, the name ESPN is on the increase. For girls, the first name Man is gaining popularity.

I’m certain that these names will attract social media attention, but maybe not in the way parents are hoping.

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