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Kim's column

Kim’s Take: Netflix is changing the way we watch a movie

Netflix changed the way we got our movies.

Now, Netflix is changing the way we watch them, and they’re collecting data.

Forget just watching a movie from beginning to end. Netflix’s latest episode in its new series “Black Mirror,” called “Bandersnatch,” is an interactive movie. At certain points in the story, you – the viewer – are asked to make decisions that direct the way the story moves.

For example and not to be a spoiler, you decide whether the lead character or his associate should jump off a balcony. Or should he eat Frosties or Sugar Puffs?

Netflix has always known what you watch. But now, they know how long it takes you to make a decision and what you like, and your choices in human behavior will be tabulated and analyzed.

And the cereal preference? Part of the story or product placement? Interactive yes. Innovative marketing absolutely.

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