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Kim’s Take: Last-minute tech gift ideas for everyone on your list

Still looking for the best tech gift?

Relax. I have ideas for everyone on your list, even your dog or cat.

There are a lot of Amazon Echos, but the one you want is the $180 Amazon Echo Show. You can ask Alexa anything but because it has a video screen, can also watch live TV and sports with a Hulu subscription and movies from Prime Video.

The Apple Watch 4 is perfect for anyone tracking health and fitness. It even takes your EKG. Just don’t give the watch to a hypochondriac without a ton of disclaimers.

On the practical side, a wireless network repeater because every home needs a great one.

Finally, for the pampered pooch or its owner, the Furbo lets you have video calls with your dog or cat and even send a treat when you’re not home. Now we know why the internet was invented.

For more on the best last-minute gifts, listen to Consumer Tech Update.

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