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Kim’s Take: Kickstarter winners and fails

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Kickstarter will be 10 years old in April. Since its start, $4.2 billion has been pledged on almost 160,000 funded projects.

Today, a few “unique” ones I found on the site.

Certainly, Kickstarter has success stories. The Pebble Watch made it to retail, and later sold to Fitbit, making countless millions. The Coolest Cooler with the blender raised over $13 million.

The big problem with crowdsource funding

But not all are winners. First, the stemoscope is a wireless stethoscope that you can put around a tree to hear inside it. It’s raised $125,000. Or the silent meditation vinyl record. It’s 20 minutes of silence on each side of the vinyl record. OK.

The Slighter is a smart cigarette lighter that won’t work if you just had a smoke. That’s dumb. Any smoker I know will go get a pack of matches.

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