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Kim’s Take: Facebook’s power outage – server error or a hack?

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Facebook and its sites were down by some users for about 14 hours this week. Facebook says the outage was caused a server that was misconfigured.

I don’t buy it.

Facebook says a server configuration error caused the outage. Servers are designed to work independently. Facebook must have hundreds of thousands different servers in and out of the cloud. Their data pipelines are huge. They certainly have live backups.

I think Facebook was getting attacked – phishing, social engineering, hackers, political operatives. Its databases and networks were being accessed by malicious actors.

It’s easier to bring it all offline and resolve the issue than deal with a breach. I’m sure we’ll get the truth in a few weeks.

On the upside, during the outage productivity went up across America and many users experienced this strange phenomenon called “life.”


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