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Kim’s Take: Facebook wants to put a camera in everyone’s living room

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Given Facebook’s numerous data breaches and privacy scandals over the last year, would you trust a video camera you purchased from them to be completely safe from hackers and trackers?

Last November, Facebook unveiled its Portal Smart Screen for video chats at home using Facebook Messenger. Now, Mark Zuckerburg is hitting the streets trying to turn around the negative press about him, Facebook and the string of massive data breaches, bad management and arrogant stances.

Facebook has been caught spying on members again

He recently stopped by Harvard for an interview where he said, I quote, “We definitely don’t want a society where there’s a camera in everyone’s living room.”

The interviewer mentioned Portal is that camera and Zuckerberg laughed and said, “That is I guess yeah.”

You’d have to be a dope to give Facebook a video portal to your life.

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