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Kim’s Take: Facebook wants more of your personal data

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Yesterday, Facebook began a legal battle to follow you around the web, whereever
you go and whatever you do – whether you’re a Facebook user or not.

Facebook’s legal battle is starting in the country of Belgium – which may seem to have no bearing on us here in the USA. But it does. Because Facebook has big plans to capture data on everyone, Facebook members or not.

And the biggest part of this plan is to be completely secretive about what data they collect, who gets to see it, and what kind of profile they build about your life.

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So what does Belgium have to do with it? So far, Belgium the first county to stopping this wholesale spying – and actually fining Facebook 250,000 euros a day. That’s about $2 million a week.

We need to watch this because knowing everything about everybody is Facebook’s ultimate dream.

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