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Kim’s Take: Even with government back in business, America is completely unprepared to protect airlines and passengers from low cost hobby drones

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America’s politicians have been so busy quibbling about walls and the shutdown that they’ve completely ignored everyone who flies.

As the partial government shutdown engulfed the country, for the first time, we’ve been able to see just how dangerous hobby drones can be. Unfortunately, no one was paying attention.

First, it was London’s busy Gatwick Airport in December. A few days ago, it was Newark-Liberty Airport in New Jersey. Vandals using low-cost hobby drones caused both airports to stop all operations, costing tens of millions and stranded thousands of passengers.

The technology to counter these devices is not installed in any American airport.

Make no mistake. Even a small toy drone can bring down a 737. Will it take a few hundred people dying in a needless crash before America takes action?

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