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Kim’s Take: Does Facebook think we’re all just a bunch of idiots?

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Facebook owns the widely popular Instagram and WhatsApp, and they’re collecting every bit of data they can about you.

The reason Facebook says they are doing this is proof that they think we’re all just a bunch of idiots.

Facebook has a different privacy playbook in Europe than in the United States. Germany recently said the social media giant has to get every person’s explicit permission before they can collect his or her data. People also must have a way to opt out of data collection.

Facebook’s scary profile of what they track about you. Here’s how to see it

As you might imagine, Facebook’s not too pleased with this ruling. Facebook says that they’re simply using their data collecting and sharing ways to protect you against terrorism, unfair elections and child abuse.


Wait until Facebook buys a DNA company. Then they’ll be able to “protect” everyone much more effectively.

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