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Kim’s Take: Crazy things passengers left behind in Uber cars

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Uber’s out with its annual lost-and-found report that details commonly lost items. But it’s the strangest things that people leave in an Uber that grabbed my attention.

If you ever leave something in an Uber, just open the app, select the trip and choose “I lost an item.”

Make sure what you left is worth it. It’ll cost you at least $15 to get it back.




Uber found that people are most likely to forget watches on a Monday, headphones on a Tuesday, laptops on a Wednesday, books on a Thursday, passports on a Friday, phones on Saturdays and cakes on a Sunday.

But someone left a full set of 18-carat gold teeth in the back of an Uber, while someone else lost the head of a salmon. Deer antlers, a bird, a full-sized mannequin and a 8-week-old Chihuahua never made it home too.

So a PSA. Check that Uber before you get out. App background

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