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Kim’s Take: Could your smartphone save your life?

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Nate Felix was in a car accident. He says that his iPhone saved his life. You need to know-how.

When Nate Felix’s Jeep flipped over last month, he couldn’t move. He got help by saying “Hey Siri” loud enough for his phone to make the call for him.

Paralyzed from his neck down, Nate would have likely died of hypothermia overnight without medical attention.

Smart tech can save lives

This isn’t a new phenomenon. We’ve reported before herehere, here and here how smart technology can save a life.

So here’s the takeaway. If your iPhone is not set up to work with Siri by voice, do it now. It’s in your phone’s settings under Siri and Speech.

Think of others, too. My mother wears a life alert in case she falls, but I made sure her iPhone calls me if she asks Siri.

The Apple Watch 4 has fall detection and 911 too, but she won’t wear that. Now, if you use an Android phone, turn on Google Assistant.

You never know when you might need a virtual hand that can save your life.

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