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Kim’s Take: CES starts today and that means a major tech makeover

The world’s largest tech trade show is underway in Las Vegas. And our lives are set for a major tech makeover.

We already have internet connected cameras, locks, and thermostats. Coming soon, your internet connected oven will look at your calendar and suggest recipes based on how much time you have and what is inside your fridge.

Your kitchen faucet will dispense the correct amount of water for a recipe.

And that glass on the oven door is also a camera so you can zoom in and see if your meal is ready without opening the oven door.

Your range hood is a flat screen TV with dual cameras so you can ask Grandma how long she bakes an apple pie.

And gone is the familiar buzz that the clothes are done in the dryer. You’ll get an alert on your phone or TV.

CES is not about today, it’s future tech we’ll use in 3 to 5 years.

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