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Kim’s Take: Before you shower at the hotel, better check for hidden cameras

Cameras are so small that they can be hidden anywhere, even in the shower of
your hotel room.

Imagine, you get settled in your hotel room and take a shower.

Back home, you get email from an extortionist pervert. He has a video of you taking a shower in the hotel room and it’s on a pornographic website. You click the link and it’s you.

The email sender wants cash and a sexy video from you. If you don’t deliver, others will get a copy of the shower video. You ignore the email.

A few days later, your family, friends and co-workers get the video of you in the hotel room taking a shower, and it’s sent from your email address.

A woman is suing Hilton alleging this is what happened to her.

This holiday season, always check your hotel rooms and vacation rentals for hidden cameras. A twenty dollar RF detector will help you find them.

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