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Kim’s Take: Authors are making big bucks selling romance eBooks on Amazon

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It’s a genre that brings to mind images of good-looking shirtless men and curvy women looking lustfully up from the book’s covers or, today, Amazon’s Kindle charts.

Romance eBooks sell like crazy and you won’t believe the money some authors are making.

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More than half of the top 20 books on Amazon’s romance best-seller list are titles from its book-publishing arm or self-published authors.

When you see that these books sell for just a few dollars, you might think writing romance novels can make a nice hobby. Wrong.

Romance is serious business. Some authors make six figures a month selling love stories. And to keep their books at the top of the charts, authors are known to spend upwards of $50,000 a month in advertising.

Love doesn’t always make sense, but for eBook authors, it can make dollars. App background

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