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Kim’s Take: Are you addicted to your smartphone?

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Are you withdrawn, angry or irritable when you can’t text or check your apps? Do you think that you just couldn’t live without your smartphone?

Maybe you’re addicted to your smartphone and should be using a dumbphone.

Does 5G technology increase our health risks?

Smartphone addiction has its own moniker, “nomophobia”, short for “no mobile phone phobia.” The signs and symptoms of smartphone addiction are both physical and psychological.

Maybe you’re anxious, stressed out by social media, or can’t stand still without checking your phone. The good news? There are now phones that won’t let you download any apps, browse the web, text or email.

These so called “dumbphones” don’t have an internet connection. You can only make and receive phone calls. That’s it.

They’re not cheap. Expect to pay $400 for a dumbphone that, like your smartphone, still has a dumb battery. App background

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