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Kim’s Take: Apple’s ad is a big fat lie

Apple has a massive ad running at the world’s largest tech trade show happening now in Las Vegas.

I love Apple products, but the ad is a big fat lie.

Apple doesn’t attend CES as an exhibitor but it sure has a presence. An ad on an entire building reads, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

OK, your phone uses carriers and sites, and data gets transferred. Apps have access to all kinds of things on your phone.

And go ahead, ask actress Jennifer Lawrence about those naked pics on her iPhone that got hacked. Or Paul Manafort who thought his WhatsApp messages were safe.

Google is the default search on your iPhone and we know they track everything. Whatever you do on any device that is connected to the internet leaks personal data.

Apple, don’t lie. Look what happened to Adam and Eve.

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